Users Reviews

Jimenez 2021/5/22

The software worked as described. Very easy to use and it's effective to recover deleted files.

Eduardo Elvira 2021/5/9

It's the best software! I will recommend it to anyone who need it.

Karen Robin 2021/4/27

Impressive! Really fast to get back the deleted files in a few minutes.

Devesh 2021/4/11

It successfully recover 47 of my 48 lost files. It's OK for me. It save my too much time to redo the whole project.

Petwal 2021/4/3

It's really helpful. Recover my old photos fully. Keep up the good job, guys!

Scott 2021/3/23

Simple enough for me. I can easily handle it,as an old man. It's appreciated.

Serana Chen 2021/3/12

Download and install it on my PC, quickly find my lost PDF files, great.

Lui Amar 2021/3/9

Great tool. works great on my Windows 10 PC.

Charles 2021/3/8

Highly recommended, especially if you want to recover deleted files.

Andy 2021/3/7

Amazing tool, I formatted my hard drive ans lost all my documents. After a deep scan, it found all my documents and recovered them.

Martin 2021/3/1

Thanks, this program helps me recover 3 important Word documents for free.

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