Manage Everything on Mac with the Powerful Windows-style Start Menu

DMmenu is a Windows-style start menu for Mac OS, this Mac start menu is more powerful than Windows start menus. It offers more than 8 excellent tools to help you easily manage, monitor and optimize your Mac system, disk drive, external device, applications, etc.


Speed Up Your Mac by 1-Click

Memory Monitor can help you check the memory and CPU usage and monitor the temperature of your Mac. More important, you can close all useless tasks, applications by only 1-click, the best way to speed up your slow Mac.

Memory Monitor
All Applications

Quickly Open the App You Want

Just like the Windows start menu, DMmenu lists all applications on your Mac, you can quickly find and open the application you want to use.

Conveniently Visit Frequently Used Location or Documents

Quickly visit Desktop, Disk Utility, Launchpad, My Documents etc via the Quick Visit menu.

Quick Vist

Manage All Powerful Switches from One Place

  • Hide Desktop Icons

    Hide Desktop Icons

    Hide all desktop items by 1click.

  • Hide Dock

    Hide Dock

    Hide the dock on the screen.

  • Dark Mode

    Dark Mode

    Enable dark mode on your Mac.

  • Display Hidden Files

    Display Hidden Files

    Show all hidden files on your Mac.

  • Screen Saver

    Screen Saver

    Enter screen saver.

  • Keep Awake

    Keep Awake

    Keep your Mac away from sleeping.

  • Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb

    Disable notifications on Mac.

  • Night Shift

    Night Shift

    Enter night mode by 1 click.

  • Bluetooth


    Enable bluetooth connection.

More Powerful Tools You Will Need

DMmenu offers excellent tools to help you optimize your Mac and manage disk drive.

Junk Cleaner

Junk Cleaner

Quickly delete useless files and items in Download and Trash bin.



Uninstall unwanted applications and remove all related files.

Startup Items Manager

Startup Items Manager

Add or remove startup items.

Disk Manager

Disk Manager

Manage disk drive on Mac: format, rename or eject hard drive.

Users Reviews

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It is very useful tool for newbie users. Like Windows start menu, it helps manage apps, tasks, and more on Mac, a great application.

DMmenu user


I have been using DMmenu for 1 month. I would like to recommend it to all my Mac friends. It has so many tools and very easy to use.

DMmenu user


My Mac is slow...thanks to DMmenu for Mac, I can find the reason why my Mac is running slow, and boost it in just a few clicks. Great tool.

DMmenu user


Guide and Tips

Add Mac Start Menu

Add Start Menu on Mac

Easily add a Windows-style start menu on Mac to manange Mac system.


Free Uninstaller

Uninstall unwanted apps and delete all associated files with free Mac uninstaller.

Speed Up Slow Mac

Speed Up Slow Mac

Easy steps to speed up slow Mac with Mac start menu, keep your Mac on top performance.

Disk Formatter

Mac Disk Formatter

Easy way to format and erase hard drive on Mac, fix corrupted hard drive, etc.

DMmemu for Mac

DMmemu for Mac

The best start menu application for Mac OS to help you easily manage apps and systems on your Mac. App launcher, disk cleaner, startup items manager, disk manager...