DMtrans for Mac Users Reviews

Akbar Andar 2021/5/22

Just operate properly on my Mac and very fast to transfer data between the Mac and iPhone.

Marion 2021/4/16

I cannot transfer many items from the computer to my iPhone directly, but your software helped me do that.

Jawid 2021/3/7

Extremely relieved and very happy with the program.

Wilsons 2021/1/18

Really easy and it's able to preview the iPhone data directly in the product, which makes the transfer practical.

Jericho 2021/1/15

Professional and simple for users to do the data transfer. The software makes data transfer easy. Keep up the good work!

Milly 2021/1/12

I like this software!!! The interface is very nice. The software is also very fast and simple to transfer iOS data.

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