Donemax Data Recovery for Mac Users Reviews

Sean Clark 2021/5/27

The software is awesome! Many thanks!

Piccolo 2021/5/12

I accidentally formatted my external hard drive that had everything on it for the last 10 years! Thank godness! The software help me get all the files back!

Prerana Ninauve 2021/4/26

Thank you for doing an amazing job, really appreciate the job!

K-Jean 2021/4/13

Excellent Experince!! Truly oblidged by the software.

Solt 2021/3/30

Scan was fast, deleted data was recovered completely, everything was good

Lucian 2021/3/12

Thanks, quickly recover my deleted Pages.

Matin Leo 2021/3/9

Works great on my macOS Catalina Mac computer.

Kasper 2021/3/2

My Dad formatted my external hard drive without making a backup. Thanks to this software, I finally get my data back. Thank you.

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