Easy Software to Manage iOS Data on macOS Mojave

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To manage iSO data, such as add, remove, edit, you can first do it on your iOS device. However, there are some other methods to help you do the job more easily. Actually, Apple provides iTunes to help you manage iOS data on Mac. However, it’s a little complex for users to use iTunes. Fortunately, there are some third-party software that can help you achieve the goal more easily. For instance, if you want to manage iOS data on macOS Mojave, we suggest you download and have a try with Donemax DMtrans for Mac.

How to manage iOS data on macOS Mojave?

With the software, you can manage the iOS data easily on macOS Mojave. You can import data from Mac to your iPhone or other iOS devices. Also, you can transfer data from your iOS device to Mac or another iOS device. If you want to remove some items from your iPhone to free space, the software can also help you.

First, with the software, you can add data to your iPhone or other iOS device from the Mac. For example, you can import photos, videos, audio files, and other data from Mac machine to your iPhone. Please run the software and choose a category. Then click the “Import” button and choose the wanted files from your Mac. The software will import the selected files to your iPhone via the software.

manage iOS data on macOS Mojave

Second, you can also use this software to transfer files from your iPhone to Mac. It’s an easy way to back up your iOS data. Just select the files that you want to transfer and click the “Export” button. Then you can transfer the files to the Mac as backup or do further changes to the files.

manage iOS data on macOS Mojave

Third, the space of the iPhone would be used up after a long time. You can use the software to remove some files to free space after you transfer the files to Mac first. You can delete single files or remove multiple files at a time. Check and choose the files that you want to remove, and then please click the “Delete” button to delete the files from your iPhone.

manage iOS data on macOS Mojave

What’s more, the software can also help you download videos/audio from different websites to your iOS device or Mac. You can just enter the page link where contains the media files that you want to download. Then you can download the media files automatically.

manage iOS data on macOS Mojave

The software supports different type of data. It’s able to help you transfer photos, videos, audio, contacts, messages, book, podcast, and voicemail. If you want to mange or transfer you iOS data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to Mac, you can download and use this software.

It can not only work with macOS Mojave, it’s also fully compatible with the other recent Mac operating system, including macOS Big Sur, macOS Catalina, etc. It can mange and transfer the data on the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with the iOS 14 or older systems.

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