Best 10 iPhone Data Transfer Software in 2021 [Windows 11 Supported]

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iPhone users may face the need to transfer their files to their computers several times a year. Usually, iTunes is the utility that they rely upon under such occasions of transferring files. But at times, users can face some issues with the official software and would want to switch to a 3rd party app to transfer their files. So, in this article, we will cover up to 10 iPhone data transfer software that can help you in your data transfer chores when transferring files from iPhone to PC, etc.

Best 10 iPhone Data Transfer Software

1. DMtrans

DMtrans is the best iTunes alternative - it is much more powerful than iTunes. With this iOS data transfer software, you can easily transfer data between iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and PC/Mac. You also can edit data in your iOS device or delete useless data from your iPhone/iPad. Besides data transfer, DMtrans also offer a power video downloader for you to easily download videos from video websites to your iPhone or computer. Download for 7 days free trial.

best iPhone data transfer software

2. Syncios Manager

Our first entry in this list of 10 iPhone data transfer software is Syncios Manager that is seemingly also compatible with iOS 14. In usual, transfer software are used to transfer important stuff such as Messages, Call logs, Videos, Apps, etc. This software ensures us to do all this and more including import of different types of files from Computer to iPhone. Moreover, it also can transfer the media files such as Audio/Video between iOS and Android devices.

Different supported files that are listed under its compatibility section include but are not limited to WhatsApp, Voicemail, Safari History, Messages, Photos, Camera Roll, etc.

best iPhone data transfer software

3. Xilisoft iPhone Transfer

Xilisoft is another name in this list of iPhone data transfer software to help users transfer files between their computers and iPhones. It also assures to backup different types of contents such as Messages, Contacts, Videos, etc.

This software currently provides support up to iOS 13 and supports Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPods. Somehow, Xilisoft also supports compatibility with iTunes to synchronize with it, and currently supports up to iTunes 12. Additionally, users can search through their files by typing a keyword of the required file.

best iPhone data transfer software

4. iStonsoft

iStonsoft can also help the iOS users for transferring their files between iPhone and their computers. It can be beneficial for the users to keep a backup of their files in case of some looming malfunction and that is what iStonsoft assures to do for the users as it can transfer different file types such as contacts, videos, text messages, etc. For the ease of users, this software can also view files in Thumbnail and List modes. Its quick search tools can equally be effective while searching for a file on your device.

best iPhone data transfer software

5. TunesGo by Wondershare

Wondershare is a renowned name when it comes to PC related software. They have also created this utility called TunesGo that claims to transfer and backup files on iOS devices. It also can store your important files such as Messages, contacts, videos, and many other formats to give you a better hold while managing your files.

TunesGo supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod and is compatible with iOS 13 and Mac OS 10.15.

best iPhone data transfer software

6. EaseUS MobiMover

Another entry in this list of software is EaseUS MobiMover that affirms its users to provide help for transferring files from an iPhone to a computer. It can also help you with a variety of compatible file types such as chat history, etc. This software can also be used to transfer files from a computer to an iPhone as well as from an iPhone to another iPhone.

best iPhone data transfer software

7. Mediavatar iPhone Transfer

This is another iPhone transfer utility to transfer and backup files such as videos, contacts, SMS, etc. It also claims to transfer files from computer to iPhone. However, Mediavatar has limited support and only supports devices up to iPhone 5s/5c, iPad Air, and supports iOS 7 and below. So, it may not be the software for most of the modern iPhone users.

best iPhone data transfer software

8. Tansee iOS Message Transfer

Tansee is a software that is different from the other software that we have discussed above as apparently, it only supports the backup of message files such as SMS, iMessage, MMS, WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger messages as well as contacts. However, it can also backup the attached files such as audios, videos, or other attachments. Tansee supports devices up to iPhone XS Max and supports up to iOS 13.

best iPhone data transfer software

9. Tipard

Tipard is yet another iPhone transfer tool to transfer important files such as videos, contacts, messages, etc. It also supports devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iPods and supports the iPhones up to iPhone 11. It also assures the support of the latest iOS versions. Moreover, it can also transfer files such as videos, contacts, pdf, and other files from computer to iOS devices.

best iPhone data transfer software

10. ImTOO iPhone Transfer

The last name in this list of 10 iPhone data transfer software is ImToo iPhone Transfer. It can transfer files such as ebooks, messages, contacts, apps, etc. from iPhone to computer. Apart from iPhone to PC transfer, it also supports iPhone to iPhone as well as iPhone to iTunes transfer. It also claims to connect several iOS devices and transfer files among them at the same time. Moreover, it can manage an iPhone as a portable hard disk device as well. Its quick search tool can also help you find your files in a fast manner.

best iPhone data transfer software


This article was written and intended for providing the readers with a number of different software that can help them backup or transfer their files from their iOS devices to computers. So, a list of 10 iPhone data transfer software was created for this purpose to help the readers choose the best software according to their needs though most of these software offer a similar kind of features.

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