How to Transfer iPhone 14 Pictures and Photos to PC?

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People who use Apple devices must know that Apple's iOS system cannot exchange data casually and use iTunes software to transfer data. Still, it brings a lot of trouble to some people who don't understand Apple devices. How to transfer iPhone pictures to pc? Let's look at how to transfer the photos from the iPhone device to the pc.

How do I transfer photos from iPhone to pc? There are many ways we can use a USB data cable after connecting to the pc, open "iTunes" to sync photos. Or, without a data cable, use iCloud launched by Apple. After setting, the images taken with the iPhone will be automatically uploaded to iCloud and then synced to the pc.

Part 1. Use Donemax DMtrans to Transfer Photos from iPhone to the PC

Donemax DMtrans has a straightforward interface. It will list the files on your iPhone by data type in the software. Then you can quickly check and choose the correct files to transfer from iPhone to pc. The phone data transfesoftware can help you transfer data directly from iPhone to pc, so it's rapid to share iOS data with the software.

To help you use the software, we provide a simple user guide. Please do as follows step by step to transfer data from iPhone to pc quickly.

Step 1. Please connect the iPhone to the computer with a USB cable to transfer data. Then download the software.

Step 2. Connect your iPhone to pc first. Run the software, and it will load the data on your iPhone.

Connect iPhone to the software

Step 3. Change to a category of your iPhone files. Select the photos that you want to transfer.

select a data type to transfer

Step 4. Click the "Export" button and choose your pc to transfer the photos. It will be quick to transfer photos from iPhone to pc.

start transferring photos to pc

Part 2. Use the iTunes Sync Software to Transfer iPhone Photos

When the set iPhone 4s is directly connected to the pc, the icon of the Apple iPhone will appear. Just click on the picture and view the contents of the iPhone, just like viewing the information of the U disk, or use the iTunes synchronization software to synchronize the iPhone.

Steps to use iTunes synchronization software:

Step 1: First [Login] iTunes account, if not, click [Create Account].

Use iTunes to transfer pictures

Step 2: After logging in, use your iTunes account to [authorize this pc]. Enter the AppStore and select the software. It is free software, click [Free] to download it. For the first download, you need to enter the account password. After entering the account password, click [Get].

choose photos to transfer

Step 3: iTunes Store starts to download the software. You can see the download progress in [Download]. You can go to [Applications] to view the downloaded software.

Step 4:

  • Start to sync the data you just downloaded to your iPhone.
  • Select [Device] - [iPhone].
  • Check the data you just downloaded, and then [Apply].

choose photos to transfer

Step 5: The top of iTunes indicates that the synchronization is in progress. After the synchronization is completed, check the iPhone and the game has been installed on the iPhone.

Step 6: After the connection is complete, you can see the contents of the iPhone.

Part 3.Transfer iPhone 14 Photos to PC with iCloud Photo Stream

Step 1: First, go to Apple's official website to download the iCloud Control Panel - for Windows.

Step 2: After the download is complete, follow the prompts to install it. This installer will not display a shortcut on the desktop. You can call up "iCloud" in the control panel.

Step 3: When installing the iCloud control panel, the system will prompt you to set the upload and download folder paths.

Upload folder: If you want to sync other photos in the pc to the phone, copy them to the upload folder, and then view them in the photo stream in the album.

Download folder: On the premise that Photo Stream is turned on, the photos in the album will be automatically synchronized to the pc via the wireless network and then go to the download folder set on the pc to view.

Step 4: If you want to use iCloud to synchronize to Windows, you must turn on the photostream function before taking a photo. If the photo stream you took before is not turned on, it will not be synchronized to the pc after the successful installation.

How to transfer iPhone photos to pc, the above is how to transfer iPhone photos to the PC several ways to share, from the above methods, you can choose the most suitable operation method for you!

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