Users Reviews

Christie 2021/5/17

It did a great job erasing the unwanted data from my personal computer.

Larry 2021/4/26

Total satisfaction with the software. Wipe the data permanently.

Vivian Linares 2021/2/18

The software is truly awesome. It's very simple to wipe data from my portable drive.

Steve 2021/1/4

I will sell my Dell laptop, with data eraser, quickly wipe all the data permanently.

Charles 2020/12/30

Before selling my digital camera, this tool quickly wipe all my data off the memory card. Great program.

Merry Lin 2020/12/27

VThe best data erasure software I’ve used. Test with data recovery software, the data is really gone forever, can’t be found.

Andrew 2020/12/26

Thanks so much! Your data eraser helps me repair my corrupted USB flash drive, and wipe all data from the USB flash drive.

Jerry 2020/12/20

Great data erasure program!

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