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Elliot 2021/5/25

It cloned my drive to the new one and could boot. It's great and save my much time reinstalling the system and applications.

Miguel 2021/5/3

This product is amazing. It successfully cloned my old damaging drive. It saved my time updating the drive.

Liam 2021/3/20

It worked like a charm. It's also very cheap, really.

Tono 2021/1/11

I tried with the Free and it worked like a charm. I then go to purchase the full version.

Vivian 2020/11/26

I can clone the drive with the software. I love it and you can use it to clone drive.

Howard 2020/11/18

The clone is successful. It's the best disk copy software.

Andrew 2020/11/02

It's very easy and instuitive. I can copy and replace the system drive directly.

Andrew 2020/06/20

The best disk copy software for laptop.

Poly 2020/06/15

That is best utility what I was used. A specially take copy system partition or volume. I strongly recommendable for any software.

Kasber 2020/06/12

I am looking for a sector-by-sector disk copy software. Tested DMclone, very fast and copy all my data without any loss.

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