DMmenu for Mac Users Reviews

Armando 2020/11/28

I like this software. It can manage the system on Mac easily.

Bill 2020/11/17

It's the best start menu I ever used on Mac. You can have a try with this. Highly recommended!

Jens 2020/10/29

It's a good app suggested by my friend. It's really good and I like it very much.

Marquez 2020/10/14

Great! I like it and it make things simple.

Mark 2020/04/14

I like the junk cleaner, and memory monitor. Great app.

Niskei 2020/04/13

I was a Windows 7 user. Now, I have a MacBook. Thanks to DMmenu, everything becomes easy and simple.

Jessie 2020/04/12

Get the trial version. I will upgrade to the lifetime version, love it.

Lishan 2020/04/11

Very useful, especially, the uninstaller.

Richard 2020/04/11

Amazing application, just use it for hours, I've fall in love with it, very easy to use.

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