Donemax Data Eraser for Mac Users Reviews

Victor 2021/5/21

Just the tiny tool I need to wipe my data from different drives.

Dean Skult 2021/3/19

It will take some time to wipe an entire disk, but it can really wipe the data completely. I like it!

James 2021/2/21

Amazing application! It not only can wipe hard drive, but it also can uninstall useless applications, delete Chrome's cookies, histories, caches, etc. Pretty simple to use.

Molly 2021/1/28

I have some private photos in my camera memory card. With Donemax Data Eraser, these photos are easily erased from the memory card.

Lucy 2020/12/25

Very easy to use, all data is gone forever.

Darren 2020/12/24

The best Mac data eraser, powerful and simple to use. It even help me to wipe a damaged hard drive, all data is gone forever, and the hard drive can be reused.

Serena Mao 2020/12/22

Very easy to use data eraser. Quickly wipe my old external hard drive, all data is gone forever.

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