GoPro Not Working on Mac, How to Fix This Issue?

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Have you ever made a great GoPro movie and tried connecting your Mac at home but couldn't? Don't stress - this guide is here to assist you! We'll look at why your GoPro and Mac might not connect and show you how to get them to connect again step by step.

This guide teaches you how to fix any issue, whether a simple wire problem or a software glitch. With that in mind, please read our simple steps and prepare to connect. Soon, you can edit and share your cool GoPro videos on your Mac.

fix GoPro not working on Mac

Why GoPro Not Working on Mac?

A few things could go wrong with the link between your GoPro and Mac. As usual, here are the suspects:

  • Hardware Compatibility: Depending on your GoPro camera type, it may or may not work with a Mac computer. That is especially true if you have an older Mac with old hardware.
  • Software Glitches: Like any other electronic device, GoPro cameras and Mac operating systems can have program bugs that make communicating hard.
  • Connection Problems: There are times when the problem is with how your GoPro is connected to your Mac, whether via USB, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.
  • File System Compatibility: Sometimes, the file system on your GoPro's SD card and the operating system on your Mac might not get along, which could cause problems when you try to move files.

GoPro Not Working on Mac Troubleshooting Steps:

1. Ensure Hardware Compatibility:

Check to see if your GoPro type works with the OS X version you have on your Mac. For compatibility information, go to GoPro's website or read the user instructions. Ensure your Mac has at least the basic system requirements that GoPro lists for connecting and moving files.

2. Update Software:

Ensure that the software on your GoPro camera and the OS on your Mac are both up to date. Manufacturers often release software updates to fix connectivity problems and improve performance.

Get the most recent GoPro app from the Mac App Store and put it on your computer. That ensures it works with the latest camera software and Mac OS versions.

3. Check Connections:

Check the USB connection for any fraying or broken parts. If it's broken, get a new one to ensure the link is safe. Do not use a USB hub to connect your GoPro to your Mac. Instead, connect it straight to a USB port. That eliminates any problems that could come up with items in the middle. Shut down and then on again both your GoPro and your Mac. A simple restart can sometimes fix link issues.

4. Reset Connections:

Go to the settings menu on the GoPro camera to find the option to reset network or wireless links. Do a reset, and then try to connect to your Mac again. To reset your Mac's network settings, go to System Preferences > Network and choose "Reset Network Settings."

5. Try Different USB Ports and Cables:

If your GoPro doesn't connect to one USB port on your Mac, try connecting it to a different one. Sometimes, a certain port might not work right. Try using a different USB to ensure the problem isn't caused by a broken one.

6. Verify File System Compatibility:

Use the camera's format button instead of your Mac to format your GoPro's SD card. That ensures the file system works with the GoPro software. If you're having trouble with certain types of files, like HEVC video files, make sure that the running system on your Mac can handle them.

7. Check for Software Conflicts:

Turn off any security or firewall software not built into your Mac. These security programs can sometimes make connecting your GoPro and Mac difficult. Close any Mac apps running in the background that use too many system resources. Using too many resources can slow things down and make it harder to connect.

8. Test on Another Mac or Device:

Connect your GoPro to a different Mac or device to see if the problem is only with your Mac or the GoPro camera itself. That can help you determine if the issue is with the GoPro camera or how your Mac is set up.

More advanced troubleshooting:

  • Reset Permissions: Sometimes, Mac might not be able to access the GoPro because of permission problems. To get to the "Privacy" tab, go to "System Preferences" > "Security & Privacy." Ensure "Image Capture" or any other related GoPro software can access "Files and Folders" by clicking on it.
  • Conflicting Software Shutdown: Close any other apps on your Mac that are connected to the camera. These apps could be making the connection less stable.
  • SMC and PRAM Reset (For Intel Macs Only): Resetting the System Management Controller and PRAM might help if you have an older Mac with an Intel CPU.

Important: These resets can change other system settings, so be careful and check out Apple's support website for full directions on how to do them safely.

Still Stuck? Looking for Help:

If you've tried all these things and your GoPro still won't work, it's time to get more help. That is what you can do:

  • GoPro Support: You can call GoPro's customer service team or go to their official support website. They can give you troubleshooting advice that is special to your model.
  • Apple Support: Apple may also offer fixes for problems connecting to MacOS. Visit their website or contact customer service.

Bonus Tip: Keeping Connected:

  • Routine Updates: Regularly updating your macOS and GoPro software will keep them compatible and running at their best.
  • Invest in Spares: You should keep an extra USB wire handy if one of yours breaks and causes connection problems.

How to Recover Lost Videos from GoPro on Mac?

If you have lost data from your GoPro camera, you can use a Mac data recovery app to help you get the deleted or lost videos back!

Step 1. Download and install the reliable Mac data recovery app - Donemax Data Recovery for Mac, make sure the GoPro is connected to the Mac.

Step 2. Open Donemax Data Recovery for Mac, then select the GoPro to start data recovery.

fix GoPro not working on Mac

Step 3. Click on Scan button to deeply scan the GoPro and find all recoverable files including the lost videos.

Scan deleted Mac files

Step 4. Once the scan is completed, you can see the recoverable files and can preview them using Preview feature. Select the wanted files and save them.

Recover deleted Mac files


It can be frustrating when your GoPro won't work with your Mac, especially when you want to transfer and edit your latest experiences. This troubleshooting help, on the other hand, has given you the information you need to face the problem head-on. You can get your GoPro and Mac to work together again by carefully fixing any possible hardware, software, and connectivity problems.

It will allow you to transfer files easily and edit without any problems. Don't forget that patience and persistence are very important when dealing with technology issues. If you're determined, you can soon record videos from your GoPro on your Mac.

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