How to Securely Wipe Free Space on Disk?

Lucien updated on Jun 06, 2022 to Data Erasure Solution

If a disk is not full, there will be some free space. The free space is unused and empty. You can add new data to the free space on the disk. However, the free space would not be empty sometimes. If you deleted some files, space will be released and marked as free. In such a case, there is data on the free space but not accessible directly in the system. With professional tools, you can extract the deleted files from the free space. If you want to make the deleted data unrecoverable, you have to wipe the free space. Here we will explain what is Wipe Free Space and how to wipe free drive space with the software Donemax Data Eraser.

What's Wipe Free Space?

Wipe Free Space is a feature of many data erasure software. It means to wipe all the data on the free space on a drive. It will overwrite the valid files and make them unrecoverable. The free space on a drive is unused. Also, if you delete some files, the space of the files will be marked as free. The Wipe Free Space option can be used to erase the deleted data permanently from the free space on your disk.

Why we should wipe free disk space? Don't surprise that the deleted files on the free space of the disk are recoverable. As mentioned before, the deleted files are just marked as deleted but not removed permanently from the free space of the drive. With reliable data recovery software, anyone can easily reconstruct and access your deleted files. So if your drive will be accessed or used by others, please ensure to delete the confidential files and then wipe the free space of the drive.

What's the best way to wipe free space?

If you don't want the deleted data on your drive to be recovered or hacked, you have to securely wipe the deleted data from free space on the disk. How to wipe the free space? You need a professional tool to access the free space and wipe the deleted data. We suggest you use Donemax Data Eraser to do the job. Here is the download for the software.

The software is professional with advanced data wiping algorithms. It can wipe data permanently from the free space or entire hard drive. Also, you can use it to shred existing files/folders directly. After wiping with the software, there is no way to recover the deleted data from free space.

The software is very easy to use with simple interfaces. Here we will show you how to wipe free space with the software step by step.

Step 1. Install and run the software on your computer. Please change to the Erase Free Space mode of the software. Here you can see all the connected drives on your computer.

what is Wipe Free Space

Step 2. Choose the drive on which you want to wipe the free space. Then click the Erase Now button to continue. It will take some time to finish the process, please just wait patiently.

what is Wipe Free Space

Step 3. After the wiping process is finished, it will show the message that it's completed. Then you can click the OK button to finish. Now all the deleted data on the drive is successfully erased.

what is Wipe Free Space

If you want to shred some individual existing files or folders, the software Donemax Data Eraser can also help you. Besides, before you give away or sell your hard drive or device, you can even wipe the entire hard drive partition to erase the existing and lost data on the drive.