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Hi, I connect my 1TB WD My Passport portable hard drive to my PC, but it can’t be used and my PC continues asking me to format it. I have to format it, but all my documents and videos are lost. Is there any way to get the erased files back?

- Juan Dennis


These days, we keep our memories and essential papers on portable drives like the WD My Passport. It can be scary to think that we might lose crucial data. Anyone can accidentally delete files, reformat the drive, make editing mistakes, or have their drive stop working. There are ways to get back info you lost on a WD My Passport Drive, which is good news. This piece uses simple language to make the data recovery process easy to understand.

If you follow these steps, you can get back your important files and make sure that your WD My Passport Drive keeps protecting your digital treasures. Let's go on this journey of data recovery together and make it easier for everyone to understand.

recover deleted files from WD My Passport

Exploring WD My Passport Drive Issues:

WD hard drives are widespread because they are easy to carry around. But, as with any technology, users may run into problems when they use it to store and back up data. Some common issues are:

  1. WD that hasn't been found or identified My ID card.
  2. The lack of WD Uses My Passport on a PC or a Mac.
  3. A WD portable hard drive that doesn't spin.
  4. Sounds of clicking are coming from the WD flash drive.
  5. The power LED is lit, but the WD drive can't be accessed.
  6. Not being able to see the info files on the WD drive after it was found.

Even though these problems and the possible data loss are accurate, there's no reason to give up. As a reliable option, Donemax Data Recovery offers a complete way to get back lost or deleted files, no matter what caused the data loss.

Windows File Recovery Recover WD My Passport Data:

Windows File Recovery is something you can try if the above method doesn't work. Sometimes, it works to recover the WD Passport. Here's the step-by-step instructions:

1. It would help if you ensured that Windows Files Recovery was installed on your computer. If not, you can get it from the Microsoft Store and install it there.

2. Then, open the Start menu and connect the hard drive. Type in Windows File Recovery and then run it.

3. To use the app, start it up and type in the following: victory X: Y:

  • X is the drive whose data you want to get back, and Y is where you want to save it. It should be winfr C: E: If you want to get the info from Drive C and save it to Drive E,

4. After that, you must pick a repair mode, such as Default, Segment, or Signature.

  • In default mode (/n), you must give the lines you want to recover. For example, type winfr E: D: /n \path\to\your^file.docx. You can give me all the roads. You can also use wildcards.
  • You can give it wildcards and file types to look for in segment mode, like winfr E: D: /r /n *.png.
  • Signature mode: Type winfr /# to see what signatures are supported. It can help you get back certain kinds of files. You can type winfr E: D: /x /y:PNG to get the PNG files back.

5.Press Y to start the process once you know your recovery mode and routes.

recover deleted files from WD My Passport

Recover Lost Data from WD My Passport Using Donemax Data Recovery

The best WD My Passport data recovery software - Donemax Data Recovery

  • Recover all types of lost files including images, videos, documents, audio files, RAW files, email files, archives, and more from WD My Passport.
  • Easy to use, only three steps to recover all lost data from WD My Passport or any other drive.
  • Recover deleted, formatted, inaccessible, corrupted data from your WD My Passport.
  • Best WD My Passport unformat software - recover formatted WD My Passport drive on Windows and macOS.

Stop using the WD My Passport drive once you’ve realized you lose data from your WD My Passport drive. Follow the steps below to get lost data back:

Step 1. Connect your WD Passport to your computer with the USB wire. Check if your computer can see and use the portable hard drive. Then, start Donemax Data Recovery, then select the WD My Passport to start data recovery.

recover deleted files on Windows 10/8/7/Vista

Step 2. Donemax Data Recovery offers deep scan technology. Click on Scan button to deeply scan the WD My Passport drive and find all recoverable files.

recover deleted files on Windows 10/8/7/Vista

Step 3. After Scanning, Donemax Data Recovery will show a list of files to be recovered. You can see a sample of the files to ensure they are whole. Click "Recover" after picking out the things you want to get back.

recover deleted files on Windows 10/8/7/Vista


In summary, following the proper steps can return lost info from your WD My Passport Drive. Stop using the drive immediately, pick the right recovery software, and follow the on-screen directions. If software methods don't work, you can try professional help or do it yourself.

Back up your files often and be careful with the drive to avoid losing data in the future. Making your digital files safer by taking these steps is possible, and you can still use your WD My Passport Drive easily. It might seem complicated to recover lost data, but if you're patient and take the proper steps, you can return your essential files.

WD My Passport Drive Data Recovery FAQs

1. How to recover lost data from WD My Passport drive on Windows or macOS?

You can download Donemax Data Recovery, install this software on your computer whether it is running Windows or macOS. Then run this software to deeply scan the WD My Passport drive. After scanning, select the wanted files and save them.

2. How to unformat WD My Passport drive?

The formatted data on WD My Passport drive is not lost forever. You can use data recovery tool such as Donemax Data Recovery, Recuva or other tool to scan the formatted WD My Passport drive and get all lost data back.

3. How to fix WD My Passport not showing up?

On Windows PC: open Disk Management, then right-click the WD My Passport drive and then add a new drive letter or create a new simple volume.

On Mac: Open Disk Utility, click on Mount button or repair the WD My Passport to run First Aid. If you still can’t see the WD My Passport drive, just open Finder settings and select External disks.

4. How to wipe WD My Passport drive before selling or donating?

As we said above, the deleted or formatted data on the WD My Passport drive is not lost forever, anyone can recover lost data from your WD My Passport drive.

To permanently wipe data from your WD My Passport drive, you can use data erasure tool - such as Donemax Data Eraser to erase all data from the drive, make all files be unrecoverable.

Step 1. Download and install Donemax Data Eraser on your computer, then connect the WD My Passport drive to your computer.

Step 2. Choose Erase Hard Drive mode, then select the WD My Passport and click on Erase Now button.

recover deleted files from WD My Passport

Note: Once the process gets finished, all data on the WD My Passport is lost forever, no trace left!

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