How to Clone Hard Drive on MacBook Air?

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If you want to clone hard drive on MacBook Air, which software would you like to choose? Normally, it's hard for users to choose an proper one as there are many apps that can clone hard drive. Among the Mac disk clone software, we suggest you choose Donemax Disk Clone for Mac.


Why choose Donemax Disk Clone for Mac?

There are enough reasons to recommend Donemax Disk Clone for Mac. We will introduce the useful features and attractive options for you one by one. Before we introduce the software in detail, you can first download and have a try directly.

Donemax Disk Clone for Mac

Donemax Disk Clone for Mac

Reliable Mac disk cloning software for MacBook Air.

First, it can work different macOS systems on MacBook Air, ranges from Mac OS X 10.7 to the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina. Also, it can work on other Mac machines, like iMac, iMac pro, Mac pro, MacBook pro, Mac mini.

Second, the software is very simple to use. The interface is understandable and intuitive. You can easily operate it to clone hard drive on MacBook Air without any special training. Just a few clicks needed, you can get an exact copy of your hard drive on MacBook Air.

Third, there are 2 options available in the software to help you clone hard drive on MacBook Air. With Disk Copy, you can copy the data from a hard drive to another one directly. You can also create an image of the hard drive on MacBook Air with the option Disk Image. In this mode, it will create a DMG or ZIP format disk image of your hard drive on MacBook Air.

What's more, if you don't want to clone the entire hard drive or there is no enough space on the destination drive, you can just choose some important and most wanted files to clone instead.

How to clone hard drive step by step on MacBook Air?

After downloading the Donemax Disk Clone for Mac, please install it on your MacBook Air first. Also, please connect the hard drive that your want to clone and also the destination drive to the MacBook Air. Then do as follows to clone the hard drive step by step.

Step 1. Choose the hard drive and destination drive.

After running the software from Launchpad, please choose Disk Copy mode first. Then choose both the source hard drive and the destination drive.

Choose APFS disk volume on Mac to clone

Step 2. Clone the hard drive to the destination drive.

Please also check and choose to clone all the data or just some files instead. Then click Copy Now button to continue. The software will clone the data to the destination drive directly.

Cloning APFS disk volume on Mac

Step 3. Check the cloned data on destination drive.

After the clone process is finished, you can then go to the destination drive to check if the data was cloned successfully or not.

Check the cloned APFS disk volume on Mac

The process to create disk image of the hard drive on MacBook Air will be nearly the same. The difference is that the process will produce a DMG or ZIP file for the cloned data. You can mount and access the DMG file or open ZIP file directly on MacBook Air to check or use the cloned data without problem.

Besides, with this easy-to-use software, users can also clone SSD, USB flash drive, memory card or other digital storage media on Mac. If you also need to clone the drive in APFS, FAT/exFAT, HFS/HFS+, or even NTFS file system on Mac, you can just download and try this software.

Donemax Disk Clone for Mac

Donemax Disk Clone for Mac

Reliable Mac disk cloning software for MacBook Air.

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