Samsung Laptop SSD Upgrade: Upgrade Old SSD/HDD to A New SSD

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Are you tired of traditional and older versions of your Samsung laptop and facing storage issues? If yes, that’s not a big deal. Upgrading the Samsung laptop SSD is the simple solution to your problem. It's not as difficult as it seems. You can easily clone all data from the old SSD/HDD to a new SSD and speed up your Samsung laptop.

Most of the laptops come with HDDs. You can equip the system with advanced properties by replacing it with a modernized SSD. Affordable prices, smooth working efficiency, and storage management are some of its prominent features.

clone HDD to SSD on Samsung laptop

Why Upgrade SSD on Samsung Laptop?

Older laptops are equipped with HDDs only. Nowadays, people like replacing them with an upgraded, more affordable SSD. Also, SSDs have outstanding properties that compel users to use them.

SSD boosts up the efficacy of your computer. It reduces the running noise and operating temperature. Bigger capacity SSDs with affordable prices are available in the market. You can easily manage the storage space from 500GB to 1TB.

The right SSD for your device:

It would help if you considered the form factor while upgrading the SSD. It depends on the type of device you are using. If you are using a Samsung laptop, first know the slot type of your laptop. Most of the laptops have 2.5-inch SATA.


Before upgrading your laptop SSD, you must keep in mind some precautions for the safety of your device:

  • Avoid touching the device connectors. It will protect your device and the new SSD as well.
  • There is a high chance that static electricity damages your laptop. To avoid this, touch the unpainted metal surfaces of the laptop. Alternatively, you can wear ESD wrist straps. Doing this discharges the static electricity from your body and protects you and your device.

Samsung Laptop SSD Upgrade:

It would help if you had reliable migration software to upgrade your Samsung laptop's SSD. Some Samsung SSDs come with the Samsung Data migration software. It helps you migrate your data from the system to a new SSD.

You can also use Donemax Disk Clone to clone the Samsung SSD or any other type of hard drive. It is smooth and reliable software that migrates your data. You will get the following benefits from this migration software:

  • You can edit the partition size.
  • It allows you to clone a hard drive from GPT to MBR and vice versa.
  • It has a backup and restore option.
  • It has an intelligent clone feature that migrates only to the used sectors.

Download Donemax Disk Clone:

Samsung Laptop SSD Upgrade Step-by-Step Guide

There are two methods to upgrade Samsung SSD, one of which is Donemax Disk Clone. One is the cloning, and the other is the imaging method:

  • Cloning Method: Cloning is a direct and easier method. Use it to upgrade the hard drive, but don't want to reinstall Windows.
  • Imaging Method: This method is suitable for data protection. It allows you to use dissimilar hardware and saves the data with changes you made later.

Method 1 - Direct Cloning:

For this method, apply the following steps:

  • Install Donemax Disk Clone on your Samsung laptop and launch it.
  • Choose Disk Clone mode.
  • Select the old HDD or SSD as the source disk and select the new SSD as the destination disk. Click Next.
  • Preview the clone layout, tick Check the option if the destination is SSD, click on Clone button.
  • Clone all data including Windows OS, programs, settings, user files from the old disk to the new SSD.

clone HDD to SSD on Samsung laptop

Method 2 - Disk Imaging Method:

If you want to keep your data secure and safe, this method is for you. For this, you need a bootable media on your computer. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First, you must create a backup image.
  • Launch the AOMEI Backupper application and click on the Backup option.
  • Now select Disk Backup. Select the hard drive and click Next on every step. Now, choose Start Backup.
  • In the Tools tab, select Create Bootable Media to create bootable media. Select the disk type to boot the device and press Next.
  • Replace the Samsung laptop drive. To do this, turn off the laptop and replace the hard drive with an SSD.
  • Now, insert the bootable media. Click Restore> Image File. Select ‘Restore entire disk’ and Next.
  • Check the SSD Alignment. It boosts the performance by pressing 'Start to restore.'
  • Now, remove the bootable device.

Samsung Secondary SSD Replacement

Other than these two methods, we have another method for you. Discharging the battery to 25% or less is recommended for safety purposes. Here is a simple explanation of how you can do this:

Step 1- Removing rubber feet

Before you start following this method, make sure your laptop is unplugged. Keep an eye on both rubber feet while removing.

  • Put an opening pick between the rear case and the rubber foot.
  • Release the clips holding the foot.
  • Now remove the rubber feet.
  • Repeat the same steps for the remaining rubber feet.

Step 2- Removing the rear case

Use a good quality screwdriver to remove the screws holding the rear case. If you are using a Samsung repair kit, remember to replace the older screws with new ones.

Step 3- Inserting an opening pick

  • Put a section up on the rear case. It should be close to the centre of the edge.
  • Use the suction cup with a strong force to create a gap between the case and the frame.
  • Now, put an opening pick in the gap

Step 4- Releasing the clips

To release the clips:

  • To release the clips, slide the pick.
  • Do this for both right and left edges.
  • Stop before you reach the top edge.

Step 5- Remove the rear case.

  • The rear case is usually slightly attached to the top edge.
  • Slightly pull the rear case so that it gets separated from the clips.
  • Now remove it.

Step 6- Disconnecting the battery.

  • Put a spudger between the frame and the bottom side of the battery cable connector.
  • Now disconnect the battery connector.

    clone HDD to SSD on Samsung laptop

Step 7- Removing the SSD

  • Take a screwdriver and remove the screw holding the SSD.
  • Lift the SSD and take it out of the motherboard socket.

You have successfully removed the current SSD and are ready to replace it with an upgraded one.


Upgrading the SSD of a Samsung laptop is a more relaxed task. The trick is to know the slot type and the right SSD for your device. Follow the steps carefully to be successful without any hassle.

Cloning, disk imaging, and other methods are popular among users as they are reliable and simpler. Replace the laptop SSD and enjoy better system functionality, bigger storage space, and more.

Donemax Disk Clone is a good tool for upgrading old HDD/SSD to new SSD on Samsung laptop. You can use this software to clone all data from the old drive to the new SSD and create a new boot drive.

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