Permanently Delete Videos from GoPro Camera

Christina updated on 2021/1/13 to Data Erasure

permanently erase Videos from GoPro camera

“Hi, I will sell my GoPro Hero 7. Before selling it, I want to permanently erase all my videos in it. However, whatever I do, whether delete the videos or format the memory card, the videos still can be found by Recuva. Is there any way to permanently erase videos from a GoPro?” - Lance

How to permanently erase Videos from GoPro camera? As development advances, GoPro Camera development is dynamically being applied in electronic devices. Starting from phones, DSLR cameras, modernized cameras, to sound parts in your vehicle. The limit of the GoPro Camera itself is an information accumulating contraption that can be taken wherever other than a USB Flash Disk and can be related clearly to an advantageous device.

Because of its basic favorable circumstances, the GoPro Camera should be in adequate condition. Regardless, once in a while there are times when the GoPro Camera can't be examined. Is the class of your GoPro Camera the most raised?

The explanation behind mischief to the GoPro Camera can be achieved by various things. Starting from the chaotic copper plates on the GoPro Camera, until the information set aside on the GoPro Camera is destroyed. In case your GoPro Camera is removed, by then the response for disclose it is to plan the GoPro Camera.

To erase all information in a GoPro Camera, you can do it on (PCs) and phones subject to Android. By and by, after we offer information to you about how to plan a GoPro Camera on Android, on this occasion, we will offer information to you about how to wipe all information in a GoPro Camera on a PC.

How to permanently erase Videos from GoPro camera?

Coming up next are the means about how to permanently erase Videos from GoPro camera utilizing Donemax Data Eraser.

1. Download Donemax Data Eraser.

To erase information on the GoPro Camera productively, you should utilize a product that is intended for that. Donemax Data Eraser is a product uncommonly intended to erase information on all drives, including GoPro Cameras.

2. Information Backup.

Ensure you have moved some significant information that you would prefer not to delete to another capacity medium prior to cleaning information utilizing Donemax Data Eraser.

3. Open Donemax Data Eraser and Perform Wipe with the accompanying choices.

  • Erase Files - This is a mode for deleting just certain records. This implies that you won't format the GoPro Camera all in all. Select this in the event that you need to erase some information totally.
  • Wipe Hard Drive/GoPro Camera Data - This is a mode for totally cleaning information on your GoPro Camera. To choose this, simply select the drive you need to format and snap Erase, at that point all information will be erased right away. Associate the GoPro Camera to your PC. At that point, ensure the GoPro Camera is perused by Donemax Data Eraser. At the point when you select a drive to erase, ensure you select the GoPro Camera. Try not to pick some unacceptable drive as you could lose all the information there.
  • Wipe Free Space - This mode will permanently erase all deleted/lost videos from your GoPro camera. It will not affect the existing data in the GoPro.

permanently erase Videos from GoPro camera

Once your data is erased by Donemax Data Eraser, the data is lost forever, can't be recovered by any data recovery software. Before you sell, donate or dispose of your GoPro, you can use this data erasure software to help you permanently delete videos or completely erase all data from it. Donemax Data Eraser also can help you permanently erase data from USB flash drive, HDD, SSD, digital camera, RAID, etc. Download it here: