How to Replace A Hard Drive in HP Laptops

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HP laptop hard drive

Many hp laptop users may have doubts about how to replace the laptop's hard drive. When we use the computer for office or life, we keep storing our data or audio and video, and the computer space becomes smaller and smaller. Or many hp laptop users buy their computers with HDDs, and now they want to replace the disks with faster SSDs to improve the computer's performance. So how do we choose the hard drive suitable for hp laptops? How can we upgrade the hp laptop hard drive without losing data?

Which Hard Drives Are Suitable for HP Laptops

HP laptop hard drive

Most hard drives on the market are universal, but what you need to determine is the type of hard drive interface of your hp laptops, which can be roughly divided into the following four types:
1. SATA 3Gb/s is the sata2 interface.
2. SATA 6Gb/s, then it is a sata3 interface.
3. mSATA interface.
4. m.2 (NGFF) interface.

The difference between these interfaces is enormous. Some interfaces are different in size, and some are different in volume (the difference between mSATA and SATA has different definitions, interfaces, and appearances. 1. Different interfaces: SATA is generally connected to a 2.5-inch solid-state drive. MSATA is generally connected to a solid state without a shell, and another interface is that the solid state connected to M.2 (NGFF) is longer and narrower than mSATA.) These are incompatible, and you must confirm when choosing. Secondly, you need to care about the speed of hard disk operation, performance stability, and capacity size.

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Preparations before replacing the hard disk

1. Hard drive: Choose the hard drive suitable for our hp laptops.
2. SATA-USB adapter: If your hp laptops have only one hard drive bay, you need a SATA-USB adapter to connect the new hard drive to the computer.
3. Cloning software: Migrating data from an old hard drive to a new SSD or HDD requires a professional and secure disk cloning software (unless you have the patience to reinstall the system and then copy and paste files manually). To save valuable time and effort, consider cloned data's transfer speed and integrity.

How to Replace HP Laptop Hard Drive without Losing Data

repalce hp laptop hard drive

The HDD cloning software we use here is DMclone, which is the best hard disk cloning software that can help you clone data easily. It can run flawlessly in the current mainstream Windows operating system. Features of DMclone include:
Disk clone: This function can clone the entire disk.

And it supports all common hard disk brands or models, so you don't have to worry about whether there are different models of hard disks that can be cloned.

Next are the detailed steps to clone the old hard drive to the new one using DMclone.

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Select clone source and clone target.

Select a disk or partition as the clone source in the pop-up clone window. The target can be an empty disk or unallocated space as the clone target. Click next.

Disk cloning software

Step 2: Edit the destination disk layout.

To edit the cloned target disk layout, you can select auto fit disk layout, clone as the source disk, or manually edit disk layout.

select target disk

Step 3: Perform cloning.

After confirmation, click "execute" to start the cloning process.

Start disk cloning

Tip: When the target partition or disk is occupied, other cloning fails under the normal system. The software will prompt you to create a WinPE image(.iso file). When the ISO file is made, the system will automatically restart and enter the WinPE system to perform the cloning operation.

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How to Use A Cloned Hard Drive

Hp laptops have two hard drive bays: you need to restart the computer, enter the BIOS, and change the boot preference to cloned hard drives. Then press F10 to save and exit, after which you can format the old hard disk and use it as a data storage disk.

Hp laptops have only one hard drive bay: you need to replace the hard drive directly after the clone is complete.

How to replace an old hard drive

Before replacing your hp laptop hard drive, turn off the power and wait for the computer to cool down. Then disconnect the laptop from the external connection, use a screwdriver to disassemble the backplane, carefully lift the old hard drive about 30 degrees, and slowly pull it out.

replace old hard drive

Put the new hard drive into the bay and reconnect it correctly. The process is the opposite of how you would take apart an old hard drive. Then fix the hard drive and then reinstall the backplane and battery. Restart the laptop and boot Windows with the new hard drive. After booting, you will find that everything is the same as the original environment, with no changes and no data loss. When you're sure, you can store the old hard drive as a backup or format it as a new hard drive for your hp laptops with two sockets.


After sufficient preparation, you can easily and quickly replace the notebook hard drive. If you want to keep all your essential data simultaneously without reinstalling the system, then DMclone will be your best choice.

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