How to Recover Deleted/Lost NTFS Partition?

Christina updated on 2021/6/1 to Data Recovery

“I find an NTFS partition is missing and I cannot see it in the Windows Explorer. The disk could still be recognized in Disk Management but the space is unallocated now. Is it possible to recover the NTFS hard drive partition?”

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NTFS is a commonly used file system on Windows. If you format a partition into NTFS formation, then It can organize and manage your files on the disk. Also, you can access and use your files on the NTFS drive in the Windows system. When your NTFS partition is deleted or lost, then you are not able to access the partition and use your files on the drive. On this page, we will share the NTFS hard drive partition recovery software to help you retrieve the lost NTFS partition along with the lost file.

Issues that will lead to NTFS partition loss

What's the symptom of the partition loss? Normally, if an NTFS partition is deleted or lost, you are not able to see and access the partition directly. Also, the space on the hard disk will become unallocated. You can check it in Disk Management.

partition recovery

What are the main causes for the NTFS partition loss? Some issues will lead to NTFS partition loss. We will show you some common reasons for NTFS partition loss as follows:

  • Deleted NTFS partition by mistake.
  • Lost NTFS partition due to file system damage.
  • Corrupted MBR will lead to NTFS partition loss.
  • Partition software errors will also cause NTFS partition loss.
  • NTFS partition would be lost due to system upgrade failure.
  • Lost NTFS partition after repartitioning the disk.

If the partition is lost, you cannot use the space of the deleted partition. If you want to reuse the space again, you can try to create a new partition directly. However, if you have important files on the deleted files, you cannot get back the files if you simply create a new partition. How to recover the partition directly without data loss? We suggest you use the professional partition recovery tool.

Best partition recovery software for NTFS

To recover deleted or lost NTFS partition, we suggest you use the software Donemax Data Recovery. The software can help you recover the lost NTFS partition in place on the same disk. Also, it will recover all the files in the deleted NTFS partition. Here is the download for the software.

The software can not only recover NTFS partition but also recover other types of partitions, like FAT32, Ext2, Ext3, etc. It can recover the lost NTFS partition due to deleting, repartitioning, file system crashes, and so on.

The software can also recover lost data. For example, you can use the software to recover deleted files. Also, if you formatted a drive, the software can help you get back the lost files. If you suffer system crashes, virus infection, file system damaged, human errors, or other unknown issues, you can use the software to restore the deleted/lost data and save it to another drive.

How to recover deleted/lost NTFS partition?

The software is very simple and intuitive. With only a few clicks, you can use the software to recover the deleted/lost NTFS hard drive partition. If you want to recover the lost NTFS partition with the software, please do as follows step by step.

Step 1. Run the software and choose the Lost Partition Recovery option. It will open the partition recovery wizard. Please check and ensure to choose the disk on which you lost the NTFS partition.

partition recovery

Step 2. Click the Scan button to continue. It will show the found partition(s) once the scan process is finished. Please check and preview the found partitions and files in them to locate the wanted partition.

partition recovery

Step 3. Choose the correct NTFS partition and click Proceed button to recover the partition. Then it will recreate the NTFS partition along with all the files in the partition.

partition recovery

If you want to recover deleted/lost partition, the software Donemax Data Recovery can help you do the job easily. Also, the comprehensive software is reliable and effective to recover deleted/lost data in different data loss scenarios.