How to Recover Lost Data from Portable SSD?

Christina updated on 2021/4/29 to Data Recovery

recover lost data from portable SSD

Now, portable SSD is becoming more and more popular because of its fast speed and outstanding performance. There are many reasons would result in data loss from a portable SSD. Intentional/unintentional deletion, format and virus attacking are the three main reasons which could cause severe data loss from your portable SSD. You may think the lost data on your portable SSD is lost forever, especially after you format your portable SSD.

Yes, the lost data on your portable SSD will be gone forever if you don't find an effective data recovery solution before it is overwritten by new data. Don't let it happen! Before the lost data is gone forever, you can find an easy and 100% effective method to help you recover lost data from your portable SSD. This method is portable SSD data recovery software.

Follow the guide to recover lost data from portable SSD

Donemax Data Recovery is one of the best data recovery software which supports to recover lost data from any type of HDD, SSD, USB flash drive, memory card, etc. It is fully capable of recovering deleted, formatted or even corrupted data from your portable SSD. Now download it here:

When you realize you've lost important data from your portable SSD, just stop using it to prevent data overwriting. Then follow the steps below to recover lost data from it as soon as possible.

Step 1. Select the portable SSD.

Run Donemax Data Recovery on your computer, then connect the portable SSD to your computer. Donemax Data Recovery will list all hard drives on your computer. Just select the portable SSD to start data recovery.

recover lost data from portable SSD

Step 2. Scan the portable SSD.

Click on Scan button. Donemax Data Recovery will deeply scan the portable SSD and find every recoverable file. It is recommended to recover data till the scan gets completed.

recover lost data from portable SSD

Step 3. Recover lost data after scanning.

Once your scan is completed, you can check the found data. Then select it and save it to a safe location.

recover lost data from portable SSD

If you want guaranteed results, it's best to use a third-party data recovery software that has been designed to solve even the most difficult data loss scenarios, and there's no better choice than Donemax Data Recovery. In our tests, it even can find the lost files which were deleted a few years ago from a portable SSD. So, if you are trying to recover lost data from your portable SSD, just try Donemax Data Recovery.

Of course, data recovery service also can help you recover lost data from your portable SSD. However, besides potential data leakage, time-consuming, it costs too much. We recommend you recover the lost data by yourself with Donemax Data Recovery. This software is pretty simple to use and it is much cheaper than data recovery service.

Some useful tips:

  • Don't save the recovered data to the portable SSD before you get all lost data back.
  • If your portable SSD gets damaged and can't be recognized by your computer, check this guide: fix external device so that it could be recognized by your computer.
  • Before you sell, donate your portable SSD or give it away, you can use data erasure software to help you securely and permanently erase data from it, making data recovery be impossible.
  • To prevent data loss, you'd better make regular backups for your portable SSD.

Donemax Data Recovery is able to recover all types of lost files from your portable SSD. It also can help you repair damaged portable SSD.