How to Recover Deleted Videos from GoPro Camera?

Christina updated on 2021/5/26 to Data Recovery

recover deleted videos from GoPro Camera

Summary: How to recover deleted videos from GoPro camera? Just download Donemax Data Recovery, the best GoPro data recovery software to help you easily recover deleted videos even you deleted it from your GoPro a few years ago.

How to recover deleted videos from GoPro camera? The GoPro camera is the right choice for capturing precious moments in video form while on a great and extreme adventure where the use of a smartphone as a video capture can be dangerous. GoPro's small size and resistance to physical disturbances like water and shocks make it great.

However, not all GoPro are equipped with large memory for storage media. This is because GoPro is not intended as a video storage medium for a long time. Therefore we often delete videos from GoPro if there are other moments that are considered more important to be captured.

Then, how do we restore files that have been lost from GoPro? If you accidentally delete an important video, then this can be a hassle. However, there is Donemax Data Recovery which is a special software for the job. It can help you quickly recover deleted videos from your GoPro camera or memory card.

Steps to recover deleted videos from GoPro Camera

When you find you lose important videos from your GoPro camera, you'd better stop using the GoPro camera to prevent overwriting. Then follow the steps below to get deleted videos back.

Step 1. Download and install Donemax Data Recovery software on your computer. It is fully compatible with Windows and Mac OS. It means you can recover deleted videos from GoPro on PC or Mac with this software. After installing, just open it on your computer.

Step 2. Connect your GoPro to your computer so that Donemax Data Recovery will recognize it. If it can't be recognized, check this guide: fix unrecognized GoPro camera.

Step 3. Choose 'Data Recovery', then find the GoPro and select it to start data recovery.

recover deleted videos from GoPro Camera

Step 3. Just click on Scan button. Donemax Data Recovery will deeply scan the GoPro and find all lost files including the deleted videos.

recover deleted videos from GoPro Camera

Step 4. Once the scan is completed, you can preview the recoverable files. Then just select the deleted videos and save them to your computer.

recover deleted videos from GoPro Camera

GoPro data recovery tips

  • Don't save new data to your GoPro before you get all deleted videos back in case that the deleted videos would be overwritten by new data.
  • Donemax Data Recovery also can help you fix corrupted GoPro memory card. Just try Disk Repair tool.

Donemax Data Recovery not only can help you recover permanently deleted videos from your GoPro camera, it also can help you recover lost data from GoPro camera due to formatting, virus infection, logical error, etc. This software even can help you export data from an inaccessible GoPro camera to your computer or recover lost data after resetting your GoPro to factory settings.