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Carbon Copy Cloner know as CCC is one of the best clone/backup software for Mac. With this software you can clone your disk/volume effectively. Also, it can also be used as an effective backup software for Mac. But there are still some users want to find free Carbon Copy Cloner activation code, maybe it's because it's a little expensive. Then some users may try to find the free activation code or the cracked version.

Carbon Copy Cloner activation code, Carbon Copy Cloner alternative

Besides, if you have some problems using the software Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your disk/volume, you will also want to find a Carbon Copy Cloner alternative tool to do the job. Actually, there are some backup or clone software that can also help you clone the disk/volume.

What's more, Carbon Copy Cloner is a software that can only work for Mac. If you want to clone your disk or partition in Windows with this software, then you cannot achieve the goal. In such a case, you will also need an alternative application for Carbon Copy Cloner.

Alternative Software for Carbon Copy Cloner recommended

As mentioned, there are many clone software in the market that can be alternatives for Carbon Copy Cloner. What's the best alternative for Carbon Copy Cloner? We suggest DMclone to you as the best alternative for Carbon Copy Cloner.

DMclone is a very simple tool that can clone disk/partition in a few steps. It can clone the data from the source drive to the target completely. It can create an exact replica for the source disk/partition. It provides both Mac and Windows versions for users. So you can clone your drive in Mac or Windows without problems. We suggest you download the software to have a try first.

The software can not only clone the drive to move the data to the destination drive. Also, the software can also create an image of your drive. So you can use it as a backup software to help you back up your data. As a simple clone and also backup took, it's the best Carbon Copy Cloner alternative we suggested.

Clone disk/partition with Carbon Copy Cloner alternative software

How to use this software to clone or backup your disk data? It's simple to clone or backup with this software. With only a few clicks, you can accomplish the task. Please just do as follows step by step.

Step 1. Choose the source and destination drive.

Launch the software first, please check and choose the right source and destination disk.

Choose drive with Carbon Copy Cloner alternative

Step 2. Clone the source drive to the destination drive.

Please click the Copy Now button to proceed the clone process directly.

Cloning data with Carbon Copy Cloner alternative

Step 3. Check the data on destination drive after cloning.

After cloning the disk, please check if the data is cloned to the destination drive successfully.

Check data after cloning with Carbon Copy Cloner alternative

If you also want to create image of your disk instead, you can just chose the Disk Image mode. Then you will also easily create the disk image easily. The steps is nearly the same as Disk Clone, so please just follow the wizard to create disk image for your disk.

At last, the software can also clone the disk or partition in Windows as mentioned before. With the Windows version, it can not only clone the data on the disk, also the software can also create a bootable clone of your system disk on Windows. So no matter how you want to clone your disk in different cases, please download the the responding version to clone directly.

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