Solutions to Fix 'Cannot Download Windows 11' Issue

Maria updated on Apr 18, 2022 to News and Blog

Microsoft has released the latest operating system - Windows 11. Many users are eager to experience the new system, but we do not know whether the computer meets the installation conditions. Here we recommend a free PC checker tool: DMWin11Checker. DMWin11Checker can do one-click detection to ensure that we do not do useless work before installation.

1. Download and install DMWin11Checker freeware.

2. Run and click the Execute button.

 Windows 11 PC checker

3. View the results.

Alt: Hardware information for Windows 11

What Should I Do If Failed to Download the Windows 11

Download Windows updates

I wanted to download and install the Windows 11 system experience, but it got stuck at the download stage. First of all, we need to determine whether there is a problem with the network?

Right-click the network icon in the lower right corner to view your network and internet settings to ensure stable network quality. The following are the detailed solutions to fix the PC that can't download Windows 11.

Method One: Restart the Computer and Download Updates

1. If the download progress is stuck at 0 when we download the Windows 11 system, there is a problem with the download, or the server does not respond.

2. At this time, we will restart the computer and try to download it again after completion.

3. If the server fails, we wait for a while and try to enter the download.

4. When we enter the start, we can check whether the wireless network card is disabled twice, resulting in no response to the download.

Method Two: Use CMD

1. Return to the desktop, find the search box on the taskbar, enter cmd to open the run window, and select Administrator on the right.

Open the cmd interface

2. Then enter the command in the figure to start running it.

Alt: Enter CMD command

3. When the operation is completed, we can enter the command in the figure and start the operation.

Enter CMD command

What to Do If the Windows 11 Download is Stuck at 100%

Some users are stuck when the download reaches 100%. What happened? The following will give you an analysis of the reasons and solutions for the Windows 11 download stuck.

1. First of all, if Windows 11 is downloaded to 100% and does not move, it may be that the system is detecting or installing the program for you. If you are not sure whether this is the case, we first close all window applications, then right-click the blank space of the taskbar at the bottom to open the "Task Manager," click the "Performance" tab, and check whether the CPU, memory and disk are running normally.

2. If it is still running normally, we can wait patiently. Because the speed of win11 download and installation is also related to the computer's configuration, if the configuration is relatively low, it may take longer to download and install. If it does not work correctly, it may be stuck, and you can try restarting the system at this time.

3. After the restart is complete, go back to the updated interface, and you should be able to download and install the Windows 11 system. In addition, in downloading the update, you should also pay attention to the sufficient free space on your system disk and smooth network.

4. If it is still stuck, it may be related to the system mirroring. In the case of the minimum configuration requirements of the symbol win11, we can use a simple one-click method to reinstall the Windows 11 system.