How to Fix the Issue that Failed to Tranfer the Data?

Christina updated on 2020/10/22 to FAQs

If you're experiencing an issue to transfer data with the software DMtrans, try the following solutions:

1. Connection issues

(1) Reconnect your device.
(2) Replace the USB cable.

2. Insufficient space

(1) Make sure that there is sufficient space on the target device or storage location
. (2) Change the target device or storage location.

3. No access permissions

(1) Ensure that DMTrans has write permissions to the target location.
(2) Change the target location.

4. Device is busy or operation conflict exists

(1) Reboot your device and try again.
(2) Close iTunes and try again.

5. File name or storage path is too long

Change the file name to a shorter one or change the storage path.

6. Source file is corrupted

If the source file is corrupted, it's not able to transfer it successfully.

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