How to Recover Deleted or Lost Videos?

Christina updated on 2021/6/6 to Data Recovery

“When I insert the SD card into the camera, it cannot be read anymore, and ask to format it. I have shot many videos with the card and I cannot lose them. How to recover lost videos from the card?”

how to recover lost videos

Videos stored on your computer, external drive, or other devices would be deleted or lost due to some issues, like human errors, sudden power off, and so on. If the videos are very important and no other way to get them again, like the videos shot by yourself, then you will want to recover them desperately.

If you find your videos are missing on your computer, you can first check if the video files are deleted and still in the Recycle Bin. If so, you can restore the deleted videos from the Recycle Bin directly. Just choose the videos and right-click, select the Restore option to restore the videos to the original location.

Best video file recovery software

If the lost video files cannot be found directly in Recycle Bin, we suggest you use effective data recovery software to rescue the videos. Donemax Data Recovery is the best one that can recover deleted or lost videos easily.

Main features of the video file recovery software:

how to recover lost videos

  • Recover video files in different cases, like deleting, formatting, file system crash, partition loss, etc.
  • Support different types of devices, like memory card, external drive, internal hard drive, jump drive, etc.
  • Recover MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MXF, MKV, and other types of video files.
  • The software is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

These features can ensure to help you recover lost videos effectively in different situations. If you deleted or lost the important videos, you can download the software as soon as possible to retrieve the video files.

How to recover lost videos step by step?

The software is designed for any professional or home user. It's very easy to use without having to be skillful. The software can guide you to finding the lost files step by step. Here we will show you a simple tutorial on how to recover lost videos with the software.

Step 1. Choose the drive from the software.

If you lost videos from a drive, please ensure it's connected to the computer first. Then run Donemax Data Recovery and choose the drive from the device list.

how to recover lost videos

Step 2. Scan the drive to find lost videos.

The software will automatically search for the lost videos from the drive after clicking the Scan button. It will scan the drive to locate the lost videos with different data recovery algorithms.

how to recover lost videos

Step 3. Preview and recover the lost videos.

The software can preview the videos before you recover them. After the scan is done, you can double-click a video to preview it. If it can play in the preview window, it's recoverable. Then you can choose the wanted videos and recover them to another drive.

how to recover lost videos

Tips for video file recovery:

1. Stop using the drive immediately if you lost videos from it.

2. Save the recovered files to another drive instead of the original drive.

3. Back up your videos to different devices and do it regularly.

4. If you use an external device, please ensure to eject it first before you remove it.

The software is comprehensive and also supports data recovery for pictures, documents, audio files, emails, or other types of data. If you lose any data from your computer or other devices, you can download the software Donemax Data Recovery to help you get back the lost data quickly.