How to Unformat Hard Drive on Windows 8/8.1?

Christina updated on 2021/4/21 to Data Recovery

Summary: unformatting a hard drive on Windows 8 (8.1 included) refers to undo a format. It means you can completely recover lost data from a formatted hard drive on Windows 8. Now, download the reliable Windows 8 unformat software - Donemax Data Recovery and quickly unformat hard drive on Windows 8 PC. You also can recover formatted USB flash drive, memory card, external disk on Windows 8.

“My Windows 8 PC has two operating systems on a C and E drive. I formatted my E drive by mistake when I was trying to format a flash drive. A friend told me there's a way to unformat it. How do I do it?”

Formatting a hard drive on Windows 8 is pretty simple. Just open This PC, right-click on the hard drive and choose Format. Then you will quickly and securely format the hard drive. Mostly, it is recommended to backup your data before you format the hard drive. If you format a hard drive by mistake or you are forced to format the hard drive due to logical error, you will lose all your data in the hard drive.

Is it possible to unformat a hard drive on Windows 8 PC? Yes, whether you are using Windows 8 or Windows 11/10/7/Vista, you are able to unformat the hard drive and get all lost data back. A Windows 8 unformat program such as Donemax Data Recovery is able to help you securely and easily unformat the hard drive. You can download Donemax Data Recovery here:

Three steps to unformat hard drive on Windows 8/8.1

The fist thing you should take into consideration is stopping using the formatted hard drive. Don't save new files to the formatted hard drive in case that the lost files in the formatted hard drive will be overwritten by new files. Now, follow the steps below to quickly unformat your hard drive.

Step 1. Select the formatted hard drive.

Just open Donemax Data Recovery on your Windows 8 PC. Then select the formatted hard drive to start data recovery. It supports to recover lost data from formatted HDD, SSD, memory card, digital camera, USB flash drive, etc.

Unformat Hard Drive on Windows 8/8.1

Step 2. Scan the formatted hard drive and find all lost data.

Click on Scan button to search lost data. Donemax Data Recovery will deeply scan the formatted hard drive and find every recoverable file.

Unformat Hard Drive on Windows 8/8.1

Step 3. Recover lost data after scanning.

Once the scan is completed, you can preview the recoverable data. Then select it and save it to a safe location.

Unformat Hard Drive on Windows 8/8.1

Donemax Data Recovery supports to recover all types of lost files including photos, documents, videos, audio, emails, archives, etc. After scanning, you can preview all recoverable files and then select the wanted files, save them to a safe location. Don't save the recovered files to the formatted hard drive before you get all lost files back.

Unformat Hard Drive on Windows 8/8.1

Windows 8 unformat tips

  • Although the lost files are recoverable after format, they can easily been overwritten by new files. Any further operation you performed on the formatted hard drive will write new data to the drive. It's impossible to get lost files back once they have been overwritten completely. So perform unformat as soon as possible.
  • If your Windows 8 PC asks you to format your hard drive, don't do that, use Donemax Data Recovery to export all your data from the hard drive first.
  • If you use a data erasure software - Donemax Data Eraser to wipe and format your hard drive, all data on the hard drive will be gone forever, can't be recovered by any data recovery software.
  • Don't format your hard drive on your Windows 8 computer regularly, because you don't know whether there are some important files or not. Maybe some are system related files.