Best Start Menu App for macOS High Sierra/Sierra

Steven updated on 2020/4/28 to Mac Optimization

Summary: Don't like in Windows, there is no start menu for Mac. For many Mac users, a start menu app is wanted to mange Mac in a simple way. In this article, we will introduce a simple start menu app for macOS High Sierra/Sierra and other Mac systems.

start menu for macOS High Sierra/Sierra

As the most popular operating system Mac OS really performs very well in different aspects. It provides flawless interactions and perfect performance. However, you may find it's a little hard to manage your system sometimes. For example, when you try to mange your applications or other items in macOS High Sierra/Sierra, you will find it takes time to find the options and learn about how to manage.

Fortunately, you can easily manage your macOS High Sierra/Sierra with third-party software. One of the popular software is start menu for macOS High Sierra/Sierra. With a start menu app, you can easily and effectively mange the system in a simple but complete way. For instance, we will share a tiny tool for Mac users to manage/optimize macOS High Sierra/Sierra - DMmenu for Mac.



Best start menu application for macOS High Sierra/Sierra.

Why choose DMmenu for macOS High Sierra/Sierra?

First, the application is simple to use. With user friendly interface, any macOS High Sierra/Sierra user can easily understand and use the software without problems. With commonly used icons/function names, users can easily understand what could the software do.

Second, DMmenu is very easy to get started with even for a novice. The software use the Windows style interface and use the nearly same layout for most functions. Users can easily operate especially you are converted from Windows to macOS High Sierra/Sierra.

Third, you will find this software is featured with so many functions. You can use it not only manage applications, settings, switches, preferences, locations, but also you can use the tool to remove applications, startup items, junk files to optimize the Mac.

start menu for macOS High Sierra/Sierra

If you are looking for a start menu for macOS High Sierra/Sierra or just a simple Mac manager tool, DMmenu for Mac is such a best application for your needs. You can use this software to do most of the common jobs for daily use in macOS High Sierra/Sierra. With this simple but powerful tool, you are able to manage the macOS High Sierra/Sierra effectively and also optimize the Mac to speed it up.

Besides, you can also use this tool in other Mac systems. You can manage macOS Catalina, macOS Mojave and other old systems from Mac OS X Lion. If you need a start menu on your Mac machines, feel free to have a try with this software.

Powerful & easy-to-use start menu application for Mac computer - monitor, optimize and manage your Mac in an easy way.