Optimize Windows 11 for Gaming(7 Effective Ways)

Maria updated on Apr 25, 2022 to News and Blog

When Microsoft released Windows 11, the tech giant promised gamers that it offered some new features they'd love. Although the current version has some minor flaws, there are still seven ways to improve the gaming experience for gamers who have upgraded to Windows 11. If you want to get a better gaming experience on Windows 11, this article will detail it.

Method 1: Activate Game Mode

Turning on Game Mode will generally improve performance, but results will vary from game to game as every game is different. You can compare and contrast performance and look for any substantial improvements. The specific opening steps are as follows:

1. On your PC, click the Windows Start button in the lower-left corner.

2. Click the gear icon to enter the "Settings" menu

Activate Game Mode

3. Select "Game" from the options, enter "Game Mode", turn on Game Mode, and make the switch appear blue.

Open Game Mode

Method 2: Use the Latest Version of Windows 11

The latest version of the operating system usually offers slightly better performance, but that's not all. Newer versions also introduce new security patches to help protect those who play online games and socialize. To help optimize your gaming experience, we recommend updating your Windows 11 operating system as often as possible.

1. Click the Start menu, find and click the Settings button, and look for "Windows Update" in the left column of the Settings

Windows 11 update version

2.In the Updates section, select Check for Updates. then restart the computer

Windows 11 update version

The best way to handle the latest Windows 11 version is to enable automatic updates. They will be installed automatically. All you have to do is restart your computer for the changes to start working.

Method 3: Update Your Graphics Card Driver

Every competent gaming PC will include a dedicated GPU that handles gaming tasks first and foremost. However, laptops with integrated graphics or APUs will receive updates from Windows Update.

Whether your PC has an AMD or NVIDIA GPU, you need to use the appropriate dedicated software.

Here's how to update NVIDIA drivers.

1. Launch NVIDIA GeForce Experience.

Geforce Experience

2. Click "Check for Updates". and download the latest driver

check for drivers updates

3. Install the driver.

Install graphic drivers

Note: The update method of AMD GPU is consistent with the steps of NVIDIA

If you're using a PC or laptop with integrated graphics, follow the steps below.

1. Press Windows key + R, enter "devmgmt.msc", and click "OK" to bring up the device manager.

2. Find "Display Adapters" in Device Manager, expand it and find the integrated graphics driver.

3. Right-click on it and select "Update Driver."

Update integrated graphic drivers

4. Click "Search Drivers Automatically".

search drivers automatically

5. After installing the driver, restart the computer.

Method 4: Turn on High-Performance Mode

High-Performance Mode makes Windows 11 prioritize gaming sessions and divert most of the power to those tasks.

1. Click on your search bar and enter "power plan."

2. Click "Edit Power Plan." When the window opens, select "Power Options."

Turn on High-Performance Mode

3. If you do not see high performance, show other plans.

Turn on High-Performance Mode

4. Select High Performance from the list.

Turn on High-Performance Mode

Note: This setting is mainly suitable for laptops, as the PC does not require an internal battery to operate.


Method 5: Disable Logging of What Happened

Windows 11 comes with the Xbox Game Bar, allowing users to record clips that happened some time ago. Since this setting reduces performance, it is best to disable it. Better driver-based recording options are available for both AMD and NVIDIA GPU users.

1. On your PC, click the Windows Start button in the lower-left corner.

2. Click the gear icon to enter the "Settings" menu

3. Select "Game" from the options, and click "Capture."

Open game capture

4. Turn off "Record what happened".

Open game capture

Method 6: Disable Application Startup During Startup

Launching too many apps at once can slow down your PC, so limiting startup items can make your PC run faster.

Right-click the Windows Start button and click Task Manager. Then click the Startup tab and disable any software you don't want to start when you log into Windows.

Disable Application Startup

Method 7: Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision

These days, many gaming mice have drivers and software to increase sensitivity or enable pointer acceleration. Windows 11 also has built-in mouse acceleration, but it's best to disable it. This way, you can precisely adjust the mouse without outside interference.

1. Search for "mouse" in the Windows search bar and go to mouse settings

2. Click Additional Mouse Settings.

Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision

3. Move to Pointer Options.

Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision

4. Under Motion, disable Enhanced Pointer Precision. and click Apply to save the settings.

Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision

After following these steps, you can configure your gaming mouse settings. Everything should feel better without the weird acceleration you don't want.

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