How to Remove Password in Windows 11

Maria updated on May 24, 2022 to News and Blog

Windows 11 has been sought after by many users since its release. Users who use the new Windows 11 system computer have encountered many problems, but it is not worth what to do. Such as: How to delete the login password in Windows 11 system? It is straightforward to solve this problem. The following will bring you to how to delete the login password of the Windows 11 system.

Many users habit setting a login password when using a computer. If a password is set on the computer, it is still necessary to enter the password every time the computer is turned on to enter the system. We set the password to prevent strangers from using our computer, but it is very troublesome to enter the password every time I enter the desktop, so how do I set it if I want to delete the login password?

Two Methods to Remove My Password on Windows 11

Method One: Change the account password settings to delete the password

Click the Start icon in the taskbar to open the Start menu. Select Settings.

Change account password settings

Change account password settings

In the left pane, select Accounts. In the right pane, go to login Options.

Change account password settings

Expand the Password section and select Change.

Change account password settings

Enter the current password.

Change account password settings

You will be asked to set a new password. Enter nothing and click Next.

Change account password settings

Now click Finish to complete the process.

Change account password settings

This is the easiest way to remove your local account password on Windows 11, but keep in mind that this method won't work if you're signed in with a Microsoft account.

Method 2: Use Windows Terminal Tool to remove the password

Press Windows+X on the keyboard and select Windows Terminal (Admin) from the menu.

Windows Terminal Tool

  • Type the following command and press Enter: net user WindowsReport * (WindowsReport is the current username)
  • You will be asked to set a new password and confirm it. Without typing anything, press Enter twice.
  • After doing this, the password for the current account WindowsReport will be removed.

Windows Terminal Tool

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Windows disk cloning software

Method 1. Partition clone

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partition cloning mode

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Disk cloning mode

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Windows data recovery

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find and preview data

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recover lost data